Brock Reimer

I got my first guitar, an American Standard Fender Stratocaster, at age 15 - not too bad for a first guitar, eh! I then took lessons for roughly a year. Since then it's been just me and my guitar! With a lot of mentoring from Dan and Bernie Thiessen as well as close observations of Kevin Bell, Dave McLean, Brent Parkin, and others. Along the way I have picked up a lick or two and landed myself a job with the Rock Ridge Pickers! What a blessing it is to be surrounded by such musicians (I think Winnipeg is arguably one of the best cities for music, especially when searching for Blues Jam Nights). I'd like to thank Pauline Loewen for giving me a chance to play in a band at church. The first year of praise and worship was sketchy-at-best for me as I had great difficulty strumming along in time with the band. Ha ha, good memories. Also more recently, after being hospitalized, Pauline once again helped me get back up front in church and with great patience she got me back into the swing of things. The Green Tree Cafe Jam Nights were a huge stepping stone for me and helped me get my feet off the ground. Jamming with The Jakebrakes there was such a privilege! Thanks to Jake and Gail! I love God. I love my family. I love music. I love guitar. Looking forward to seeing you all in the future!